Sunday, June 15, 2008


I'm in Delft, the Netherlands, this week, to present a PostGIS workshop and (more worryingly) give a keynote address at an open source geospatial meeting. As usual, I am wrestling with performance anxiety. I enjoy it when I'm doing it, and I'm happy when I'm done, but gods the anticipation of public speaking drives me crazy.

Anyhow, for other North American travelers, note that, when the Dutch say "stairs", they mean "ladder":

When they say "breakfast", they mean "lunch":

And when they say "pancake", they mean "dinner":



Tyler said...

A few years ago I tried to get directions for the town of Gouda (to see where they make the cheese), and the Dutch locals had no idea what I was talking about.

Paul Ramsey said...

It's not far from Delft! Funny, but I was thinking of going there myself.

mentaer said...

mhm.. the post remembers me on a friends tip:
If you ever travel to Belgium (it is not that far from your current place?), and you like to pick up something to eat at a snack point/eatery(what word?) ... let's say French Fries (Pommes Frites?), then: never order a large portion, and only in extrem cases (i.e. you are very hungry) order a medium/normal sized portion. Stick with the small ones, that is for one person. And yes.. pay also careful attention to Belgium beer as it has usually more alcohol than in other countries.

yvesm said...

"but gods the anticipation of public speaking drives me crazy"

It's reassuring to see super-programmers aren't necessarily super-humans. Have a bière d'Abbaye (that rate anywhere between 7 and 9,5 % alc/vol) before your talk but don't get to the point your hear Pink Floyd's "Hello, is there anybody in there" :-)

Bart van den Eijnden said...

I can easily say Paul did a tremendous job at his keynote talk!

Paul Ramsey said...

I found out the problem Tyler, it's not "goooda", it's "gowda".

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