Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We interrupt this geeky spring...

To do something completely different. British Columbia, my fair home, is in the midst of an odd period where both major parties are having leadership races. The race for my party of choice (the NDP) has just gotten started, and I believe that pitching in early for what you believe in is a way to have maximum effect. So I'm spending my spring working as much as possible for John Horgan. John's someone who reflects my belief nobody has all the right answers, and he's someone with the personal skills (that I envy) to both listen for the answers and bring folks together around a common direction. And he's fun to be around, which is a nice bonus.

Unfortunately for PostGIS, time doing campaign work takes from time spent on PostGIS 2.0, so unless another PSC member has an equal and opposite infusion of time to mine, things will slow down a bit for the next couple months. I'll still be going to the Montreal code sprint though: some things are sacrosanct.


Regina Obe said...

I hate it when geeks become all politically conscious on me.

So does this mean we won't be making the 9.1 cut? I'd really hate to have to support PostGIS 1.5 on 9.1.

Though hmm it looks like they haven't set a release date yet http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/PostgreSQL_9.1_Development_Plan :)

On the bright side I guess that does give the dev team time to polish off the diamond.

Anywho Happy campaigning :) and when you get tired of that -- remember the other side of the fence.

Rob said...

It's refreshing when people have the courage to be for something, rather than sticking to the inoffensive "neutral" ground -- as if there were any such thing -- particularly in business where certain economic orthodoxies are held sacred above the well being of one's fellow humans.

Bravo, Paul and good luck, John.

Paul Ramsey said...

@Regina, could mean that... hard to say. I'm worried about the index performance stuff, it implies deep unknown issues. Everything else about 2.0 seems to be going swimmingly.

@Rob, thanks so much for the encouragement. It's been an exciting couple weeks already.

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