BC IT Outsourcing Update

This week the BC 2011/2012 Public Accounts (finally) came out, so that means it’s time to update our tracking of IT outsourcing spending with another year’s data points!

The headline number for 2012: $321,773,530, a new record! After a brief dip last fiscal year, IT outsourcing continued growing robustly in 2011/2012.

Of course, there are always winners and losers, and the surprise loser this year is perennial outsourcing champ, IBM. With only $61M in billings in 2011/2012, IBM notched its lowest take since 2005! Fortunately, HP Advanced Solutions was there to pick up the slack, hauling in $109M this fiscal year for not only a personal best, but an all time record in single-firm IT billings (besting the old record of $107M set by IBM in 2010).

Also notable this fiscal year are the rise of Deloitte (to $37M) and local body-shoppers TP Systems ($9M) and Quartech ($13M) on the strength of the ongoing ICM debacle (in related news, the BC Children’s Advocate is the latest to take a dump on ICM).

Thanks to all our contestants, I know you’ll all be back next year!

Obscure end material: One surprise entry in the larger IT spends is “Oracle Microsystems” at $24M. What’s that? Looks like the remains of “Sun Microsystems”, since their entry is gone. It also leads me to wonder, why are we still dropping tens of millions of bucks on Sun hardware at this late date in the enterprise computing era? Guys, it’s called the “cloud”, look it up.