Abstract Submission KML

I am way, way, way too amused by this:


Refractions @ FOSS4G

I think we have a great set of submissions this year, so I have my fingers crossed that lots of them make the cut.

Less than a week left until the close of the Call for Presentations and then we move on to the community program review process.

Personal Relevance

Here’s a fun Google nugget. This query:


Returns FOSS4G 2007 as the top result (yay!) when I execute it while logged into my Google account, but as the second result when I execute it while logged off.

Spam Works

Two weeks ago, we sent out a physical postcard invitation to a list of about 10,000 potential FOSS4G attendees in the local region (BC, ALTA, WA, OR, CA) and GIS hotspots (VA, CO).

FOSS4G Postcard Front

FOSS4G Postcard Back

On Sunday, I sent out a mass email to about 1,000 addresses culled from my personal mail box, web searches, and magazine mailing list purchases.

Monday and Tuesday, the FOSS4G web site recorded the highest number of visitors to date, about a 50% increase over the medium term weekday average. It’s almost like advertising has a purpose. I feel my universe crumbling.

Real Strawberries

In the spirit of Sean’s tomato porn, I give to you, What Real Strawberries Are Like.

First, Real Strawberries come from very close by, preferably within a few feet of your table, like our front-yard patch:

Strawberry Patch

Second, you pick Real Strawberries yourself, off the bush, and when you do, they look like this:

Berries on the Bush

Third, a Real Strawberry is a perfect red color, and is perfectly clean right off the bush. You don’t wash Real Strawberries, because they don’t have anything on them that needs washing:

Perfect Berry

Finally, Real Strawberries are red all the way through, because they are ripe on the bush:

Red Insides

If you are lucky, you can grow enough Real Strawberries to have a whole dessert from them, like I did tonight:

Today's Harvest

Oh, yeah, mmmmmm, Real Strawberries, you make life worth living.