"Procuring" Open Source

Open source has some real problems in the market, and most of them seem to reside between the ears of the people making corporate decisions on software. Really good article on procurement perceptions here from a Plone support company (what, Plone needs support? :)

The bit that Simon said that made the bulb go on in my head? He said that most companies set out on a procurement process to procure a software license. That is what software is to them: licenses. That is what they know, and that is how they think. If you’ve ever had the fun of dealing with the contracts/procurement department of a large company you will recognise this thinking. And so with that goal in mind, of course they end up succeeding in their quest to procure a license for software
Matt Hamilton

Imagine all the Software...

…living life in peeeace! Woohoo! HoooOoo. You may say, I’m dreamer…

I started skimming this piece, and apparently the new Silverlight map control is awesome, and it was all very Microsofty, but I kept on reading because learning is good for me and then


he’s pulling tracking data out of a PostGIS database into his Silverlight control, and then


he’s doing it with GeoServer and GeoWebCache, holy cow you can put this stuff together like that, open source and Microsoft, and peanut butter and pickles, and you just eat it, are you insane?

And when I woke up I had a terrible headache and my wallet was missing.

Awesome article.

GEOS 3.1.0

We completed the 3.1.0 release cycle today! Here’s the announcement:

The GEOS team is pleased to announce that GEOS 3.1.0 has been pushed out the door, cold, wet, trembling and looking for love.


Version 3.1.0 includes a number of improvements over the 3.0 version:

  • PreparedGeometry operations for very fast predicate testing.
    • Intersects()
    • Covers()
    • CoveredBy()
    • ContainsProperly()
  • Easier builds under MSVC and OpenSolaris
  • Thread-safe CAPI option
  • IsValidReason added to CAPI
  • CascadedUnion operation for fast unions of geometry sets
  • Single-sided buffering operation added
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Users of the upcoming PostGIS 1.4 will find that compiling against GEOS 3.1 provides them access to some substantial performance improvements and some extra functions.

Thanks everyone on the GEOS team for the work over this cycle!

Toronto Code Sprint Recaps

Last post, I promise, on the sprint. Recap posts from:

Le géospatial : Un microcosme du code source libre

Moi, en francais.