FOSS4G 2007 Registration Open!

Another milestone past! The online registration for FOSS4G 2007 in Victoria is now open, and the conference hotel blocks are available.

Firstly, let me plead with folks who are planning to come to the conference to register early. Knowing the attendance makes all the planning so much easier. So don’t wait until the last day before Early Bird rates end to register, just do it now! Please, please, please!

Secondly, let me warn folks who really like to put things off until the last minute. When we booked our hotel blocks, the hotels curiously did not ask for any penalties in the case of our not filling the blocks. In fact, they have a schedule for taking the rooms back away from us and putting them back into their general pool. The implication is that they expect to have no trouble filling all their rooms in that time period, at higher rates than we got for our block. So book your hotel early.

Finally, for those flying in from the USA via Seattle, note that there is a relatively modest amount of seats available each day from the SEA->YYJ run (I calculated about six daily flights of a 40-seat plane). Which is enough probably for all our US travelers coming to the conference — but of course, you won’t be the only ones going through SeaTac to Victoria that day. I will not be surprised if all those SEA->YYJ flights end up full quite early during our conference start/end periods.

Happy travels!