Deadlines and Such

“The prospect of one’s eminent demise wonderfully clarifies the mind’s focus.”
– Samuel Johnson

The FOSS4G 2007 call for presentations deadline has now come and gone, and never have I seen such a large and varied population of procrastinators assembling in one place. Check out the profile of submissions by day:

 2 | 2007-06-24
 2 | 2007-06-25
 8 | 2007-06-26
13 | 2007-06-27
39 | 2007-06-28
73 | 2007-06-29

Way to plan ahead guys! Half the presentations submitted in the last two days if the call.

The final tally of submissions was 213, which we will have to winnow down to 120 oral presentations and N posters. You can see the list of submissions as a KML file or an RSS feed.