Real Strawberries

In the spirit of Sean’s tomato porn, I give to you, What Real Strawberries Are Like.

First, Real Strawberries come from very close by, preferably within a few feet of your table, like our front-yard patch:

Strawberry Patch

Second, you pick Real Strawberries yourself, off the bush, and when you do, they look like this:

Berries on the Bush

Third, a Real Strawberry is a perfect red color, and is perfectly clean right off the bush. You don’t wash Real Strawberries, because they don’t have anything on them that needs washing:

Perfect Berry

Finally, Real Strawberries are red all the way through, because they are ripe on the bush:

Red Insides

If you are lucky, you can grow enough Real Strawberries to have a whole dessert from them, like I did tonight:

Today's Harvest

Oh, yeah, mmmmmm, Real Strawberries, you make life worth living.