Decisions, Decisions...

One of the things I told the rest of the committee when starting organizing for FOSS4G 2007 was that I wanted a “narrower” conference. The 2006 event had run 8 tracks wide, which meant that, no matter which room you chose, there were always two other rooms that had something else you wanted to see at the same time.

So I lobbied hard to shrink down a little, and got folks to agree to a presentation program that was “only” 5 tracks wide. But then the Call for Workshops was flooded, and we couldn’t bear to say no to 80% of the submissions, so we ended up tacking two labs tracks onto the side of the main program, and voila, we are back at seven tracks wide.

All this means that there are no easy decisions in figuring out what parts of FOSS4G to see this year, sorry, I tried! Here’s the tentative schedule grid: