FOSS4G: Was it all a Dream?

Just a week ago, I was addressing the opening plenary session at FOSS4G! It all feels like a blur now, and it is very hard to remember anything distinctly.

Ironically, for all the talking and speaking I did, the things I remember most clearly are the few talks I had time to get into, and listen quietly, on pgRouting, and the new spatial ETL tool from Camptocamp. Perhaps because these are the two talks where I learned something new and interesting. The rest was just reciting things I already knew, which is interesting perhaps (I hope) for those on the receiving end, but less stimulating for me.

Level Two

I walked through the conference centre on the way home from work yesterday… it was shut tight, sadly quiet, and geek-free.

New Tenant

Meanwhile, the second geospatial conference in as many weeks ran today. Make of it what you will. :)