New Regime

Today my wife went back to work, which means the “new regime” is in effect!

I admit, I’ve been taking it pretty easy the last 18 months, I haven’t cooked a lot of breakfasts or meals. Really, I’ve been a bum.

But mornings now, my wife has to get ready for work, which means I have to feed and water the kids (toss some slops in the bin, hose them down afterwards, you know the drill) and get them ready to be carted off to daycare. Wake up and get that game face on! It’s really very nice, and reminds me of my year at home taking care of my daughter when she was one – dealing with the little details of kid life is very gratifying (in moderate doses).

And the pay-off? Once they head out the house descends into silence, blessed silence. Super-productive morning today.