What is OSGeo becoming?

From James Fee:

[Open Street Map] comes off very “hacker” to many of my clients and they can’t get beyond that. I hope it doesn’t fall into what OSGeo is becoming.


Update: Clarification from James:

Why does OSGeo seem more concerned with creating new logos than creating case studies? To me that sums up its existence. Almost three years into OSGeo, what has it really done besides confederate some open source projects? Does this really help me sell open source projects? Email threads, are you kidding me?


If people put half the effort they do into logos and open source job lists that they do into case studies, maybe companies would look more at their products. I know Paul that you aren’t the president or director or whatever the head of OSGeo is, but this logo nonsense has got to stop and OSGeo has to embrace the real world.

Update 2: Almost as if to answer James (or at least to demonstrate that there are many, many minds about what OSGeo should “become”), Howard Butler posts to the OSGeo board list:

Marketing doesn’t write software, it doesn’t improve documentation, and it doesn’t streamline project communication…. I guess I’ve always had a bit of a problem with the marketing aspect of OSGeo, especially when its not at all clear to me who we’re marketing to other than the general GIS ether and for what purpose. IMO, the people using Open Source software are the ones who market it, not the people who make the software. [italics added] Could the OSGeo marketing proponents please set me straight on how I see this all wrong?