OSGeo @ Where 2.0

OSGeo (your Open Source Geospatial Foundation) will be on the exhibition floor at Where 2.0 this year. I volunteered to be the “event manager” for OSGeo at Where 2.0 this year, but all the heavy lifting was done by Alex Mandel preparing for the American Geographical Society conference earlier this year. So thanks to Alex’s hard work, we’ll have some posters and brochures and handouts for the exhibit hall.

Most importantly, we’ll have ourselves. Not booth bunnies, per se, but we have beautiful minds. Arnulf Christl, the OSGeo President, is coming in from Germany to attend, so there will be lots of good conversation to be had. Come ask us any question about open source, and we’ll be sure to give you an answer!

I’m also giving a workshop on spatial databases and web mapping. In fact, I’m preparing the material right now. Oh, how I hate preparing material – the being done is so much better than the doing.