Wanted: OK Corral

A WMS performance benchmark has been a staple of FOSS4G conferences for some time. In 2005, it was IMS vs Mapserver. In 2007 it was MapServer vs Geoserver. And in 2008, a grudge MapServer vs Geoserver re-match.

For 2009, we hope to continue the MapServer vs Geoserver tradition, and are inviting other WMS servers to join the fray. We are hoping to have ArcGIS Server in the mix, perhaps MapGuide, perhaps DeeGree. The participants are assembling on a benchmarking listserv.

However, right now we are stuck trying to find a location for our gunfight – we need an OK Corral. Our preferred corral would have the following characteristics:

In addition, we will need a second server on the same network segment for generating load (would still need remote access, but would not need a beefy machine). Due to the nature of the participants (global) and the timelines (several months) we would need sole use of the corral until the testing is complete in September.

If you have a corral you can donate for the shoot-out, let me know!

Update: We have received a generous offer from the US Army Corps.