Code Sprint 2010: New York City

It’s official! Following the success of the 2009 Toronto Code Sprint a second event will be taking place in New York City, this winter.

This code sprint will bring together the developers for the MapServer, PostGIS, GDAL, GRASS, OGR, LibLAS, QGIS, Proj4 and other projects that are part of the “C Tribe” of open source software.

Timing: Saturday, February 20 to Tuesday, February 23, 9am to 4pm.

Location: OpenGeo Event Room, 148 Lafayette St, New York, New York

More Information: Wiki Page, Mailing List

Sponsor this event! Last year, sponsorship dollars paid for venue and dinners for the sprinters, who gave up their weekends and more to invest a collective 736 man hours in making their open source project stronger. Thanks again to our 2009 sponsors: Rich Greenwood,, Coordinate Solutions, LizardTech, SJ Geophysics,, GDAL! If you want to sponsor this event, and raise your profile with the 2 dozen people who make your software sing, please contact me.

Update: Thanks to our first 2010 sponsors, Coordinate Solutions, LizardTech, and! We are still looking for sponsors for 2010!