New York Code Sprint 2010

Update: We’re expanding from the “C tribe” to the “curly braces tribe” and bringing in some JavaScripters too. Tim Schaub and Andreas Hocevar of OpenLayers/GeoExt will be joining the crew!

**Update 2: If you haven’t added your name to the wiki and booked your hotel room, you don’t exist! GeoExt, OpenLayers folks don’t delay! **

Update 3: Avencia has joined as a sponsor (and is sending a couple staff to join in the fun). Along with OpenGeo, who are providing us with lovely space and free internet access, that bring our sponsorship docket to LizardTech, Coordinate Solutions,, Farallon Geographics, Avencia and OpenGeo!

Update 4: Other members of the curly braces tribe will be in attendance, in the persons of Justin Deoliveira, Andrea Aime, and Gabriel Roldan from GeoServer. I’m looking forward to working with them on adding PostGIS 1.5 GEOGRAPHY support in GeoServer.

Whoops, it’s 2010! How did that happen?

I hope all members of the open source C tribe have gone beyond thinking about attending the New York Code Sprint (February 20 to 23) and moved into the travel planning stage! Don’t forget to book your hotel, the room block closes in three weeks.

The list of attendees includes top contributors from MapServer, GDAL, OGR, and LibLAS. I’m feeling a little lonely at the PostGIS table with just Olivier to keep me company. And where are the folks from QGIS, Mapnik and GRASS? We love you guys! Come on, group hug. There you go.

We have four great sponsors now (LizardTech, Coordinate Solutions,, Farallon Geographics) and are looking for a couple more to round out the event. Thanks to our sponsors so far!

Remember to sign up to the mailing list and add yourself to the wiki page so we know you are coming, and you receive all the event notices, it’s impossible to plan for you if we don’t know you exist. See you soon in the Big Apple!

Thanks to Joel Schlagel for the logo!