Keynote May

It’s a little too late now to promote my keynote presentation at ASPRS 2011, since I already gave it on Tuesday…. but! I can still promote my upcoming keynote at PgCon, which I’m looking forward to immensely (and getting nervous about in equal measure).

The ASPRS talk went well (I thought), delivering a little capsule history of open source and reasons why managers might (should) want to start adopting it (I had to shorten my Duluth version of the talk a bit to fit the ASPRS time slot). The reviews afterwards were positive (Twitter is an attention-hog’s wet dream (said the attention-hog)).

The PgCon talk will be a new challenge. I’m usually generalizing my technical knowledge up for a less specialized audience of geo-people. But for PgCon I have to narrow and focus my general geo-knowledge down for a very specialized audience of PostgreSQL database developers. Having a room full of the foremost experts and developers of PostgreSQL to talk to is the most daunting audience I’ve faced since my graduate oral exams.

However, my reward after the keynote will be two days of attending talks by those same foremost experts, so I’m really looking forward to PgCon! Hope to see you there!