Government HR Throws Up Its Hands

Has it come to this? Has government decided that it is completely incapable of recruiting and training its own technical staff?

Elections BC is not a big shop, and frankly, its technical problems are not that challenging (with the interesting exception of the quadrennial Failure Is Not An Option election event). And yet, they are now building a list of 5 bidders (to be winnowed down to one in the end) to outsource all their systems work to. Maintenance, new builds, the lot of it.

Does government no longer have an HR department? This is a very very very expensive version of Kelly Services except instead of placing secretaries we’re now placing IT staff, and at markups that would old Kelly blush.

Place your bets now: who will win? HP? CGI? Accenture? Deloitte? The important thing is that the shareholders get a good return. Which reminds me, time to rebalance the portfolio…