NRPP, It's Alive!

Hey, good news zombie lovers, the project I’ve declared dead (or, at least, doomed) is not only still shambling around, it’s going to get the official political glad-handing treatment tomorrow:

NRPP, It's Alive!

We are excited to share an important Natural Resource Permitting Project (NRPP) milestone. Tomorrow—December 7—NRPP’s first service on the NRS Online Services website will be launched in Williams Lake at FrontCounter BC with Minister of State for Rural Economic Development Donna Barnett.

I always feel sad for the poor politician tasked with the “new website” announcement, because honestly, is there any announcement that feels like more of an empty gesture towards real action? “Yes, I understand you wanted $50M for addiction treatment, but… how about this new web site?”

Anyways, while she’s getting her demonstration of the new NRS Online Services website, here’s some questions Minister Barnett might like to ask:

Congratulations, NRPP on your first step towards transforming the sector, have a great demo!

Addendum: In the press release, Minister Steve Thomson is quoted as “saying” (poor Ministers always sound so stodgy when they “speak” in press releases):

Through the Natural Resource Permitting Project, the Province is making a significant investment in helping communities balance economic development with protecting our natural resources.

My notes:

Such a short sentence, yet still so much misdirection.