BC IT Outsourcing 2021/22

Another year, another IT public accounts summary. I’m finding it hard to tease a story out of this one.

On the one hand, the total has begun going up again, though not so far as to notch a new record.

On the other hand, for the first time in 10 years, the amount of money taken in by ESIT (formerly HP Advanced Systems (formerly EDS)) has plummeted.

Not only has has ESIT revenue gone into free-fall, the beneficiaries appear to be… Maximus and Deloitte? So not so much a reduction in outsourcing to international consultancies, as a reallocation.

Meanwhile, dollars to local firms seem to have flattened out.

What’s the story here? I have no idea. The reduction in dollars to ESIT seems like it might be reflective of an insourcing. The simultaneous increase in dollars to Deloitte and Maximus? I have no idea what might have driven that. In particular Maximus, which should have been swimming upstream after MSP premiums were eliminated.

I will make an effort to bring in the Health Authorities this year and get caught up on that piece of the puzzle, there may be some interesting trends there.