LLM Use Case

I can only imagine how much AI large language model generated junk there is on the internet already, but I have now personally found one in my blog comments. It’s worth pointing out, since comment link spam is a long time scourge of web publishing, and the new technology makes it just that little extra bit invisible.

The target blog post is this one from the late 2000’s oil price spike. A brief post about how transportation costs tie into real estate desirability. (Possible modern day tie in: will the rise of EVs and decoupling of daily transport costs from oil prices result in a suburban rennaisance? God I hope not.)

The LLM spam by “Liam Hawkins” is elegant in its simplicity.

Blog Spam

I imagine the prompt is nothing more complex than “download this page and generate 20 words that are a reasonable comment on it”. The link goes to a Brisbane bathroom renovation company, that I am sure does sterling work and maybe should concentrate on word of mouth rather than SEO.

I need to check my comment settings, since the simplest solution is surely to just disallow links in comments. An unfortunate degredation in the whole point of the “web”, but apparently necessary in these troubled times.