Keynote @ FOSS4G NA 2023

Preparing the keynote for FOSS4G North America this year felt particularly difficult. I certainly sweated over it.

The way it all ended up was:

Here’s this year’s iteration.

The production of this kind of content is involved. The goal is to remain interesting over a relatively long period of time.

I have become increasingly opinionated about how to do that.

I originally started scripting talks because it allowed me to smooth out the quality of my talks. With a script, it wasn’t a crapshoot whether I had a good ad lib delivery or a bad one, I had a nice consistent level. From there, leveraging up to take advantage of the format to increase the talk quality was a natural step. Speakers like Lessig and Damian Conway remain my guide posts.

If you liked the keynote video and want to use the materials, the slides are available here under CC BY.