Thursday, December 30, 2010

Victoria GeoGeeks!

The Victoria geo-geeks are meeting again next week, on Thursday, January 6, at 6pm at the offices of Latitude Geographics. We'll be hearing from four speakers, on the topics of Google Fusion Tables and Open (Geo) Data in Government.

  • Google Fusion Tables, Intro and Demo - Josh Livni, Google Outreach Engineer (30m)
  • Open (Geo) Data in BC - Herb Lainchbury and Greg Lawrence (25m)
  • Open (Geo) Data Rebuttal - Mark Sondheim (5m)

Hope to see all you Victoria geo-geeks there!


Bernie said...

It would be nice to see a recording of the presentations. We are not so organized out here in Fredericton.

unclespeedo said...

Agreed, even an audio recording would be mighty nice!

Paul Ramsey said...

Perhaps next meeting, if someone shows an interest... it's just another thing to organize :) I'll tell the folks there's a wider interest in our content, maybe someone will step forward.

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