Building CUnit from Source

I haven’t had to build CUnit myself for a while, because most of the systems I work with have it in their packaged software repositories, but for Solaris it’s not there, and it turns out, it’s quite painful to build!

Here’s the commands I finally used to get a build. Note that you do need to run libtoolize to get some missing support scripts installed, and that you need to also run automake in “add missing” mode to get let more support scripts. Then and only then do you get a build.

tar xvfj CUnit-2.1-2.tar.bz2
cd CUnit-2.1-2
libtoolize -f -c -i \
  && aclocal \
  && autoconf \
  && automake --gnu --add-missing \
  && ./configure --prefix=/usr/local \
  && make \
  && make install

Update: The bootstrap file does provide the required autotools flags.