Give in, to the power of the Client Side...

Brian Timoney called out this Tom Macwright quote, and he’s right, it deserves a little more discussion:

…the client side will eat more of the server side stack.

To understand what “more” there is left to eat, it’s worth enumerating what’s already been eaten (or, which is being consumed right now, as we watch):

Uh, what’s left?

Have I missed any?

Once all applications are written in 100% JavaScript we will have finally achieved the vision promised to me back in 1995, a write-once, run-anywhere application development language, where applications are not installed but are downloaded as needed over the network (because “the network is the computer”). Just turns out it took 20 years longer and the language and virtual machine are different (and there’s this strange “document” cruft floating around, a coccyx-like evolutionary remnant people will be wondering about for years).