OGR FDW Update

I’ve had a productive couple of weeks here, despite the intermittently lovely weather and the beginning of Little League baseball season (not coaching, just supporting my pitcher-in-training).

13 Days

The focus of my energies has been a long-awaited (by me) update to the OGR FDW extension for PostgreSQL. By binding the multi-format OGR library into PostgreSQL, we get access to the many formats supported by OGR, all with just one piece of extension code.

As usual, the hardest part of the coding was remembering how things worked in the first place! But after getting my head back in the game the new code flowed out and now I can reveal the new improved OGR FDW!

OGR FDW Update

The new features are:

As usual, I’m in debt to Regina Obe for her timely feedback and willingness to torture-test very fresh code.

For now, early adopters can get the code by cloning and building the project master branch, but I will be releasing a numbered version in a week or two when any obvious bugs have been shaken out.