Cancer 10

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So, I got the news from pathology.

There is no cancer left in me, I am officially “cured”.

Since I am still recovering from surgery and relearning what my GI tract is going to do for the future, I don’t feel entirely cured, but I do feel the weight of wondering about the future lifted off of me.

The future will not hold any more major cancer treatments, just annual screening colonoscopies, and getting better post-surgery.

I truly have had the snack-sized experience, not that I would recommend it to anyone. Diagnosed late February, spit off the back of the conveyor belt in late May. Three months in Cancerland, three months too many.

A few days ago NBA great Bill Walton died of colorectal cancer. It’s the second most common cancer in both men and women, and you can avoid a trip to Cancerland through the simple expedient of getting screened. Don’t skip it because you are young, colorectal cancer rates amount people under 50 are going up fast, and nobody knows why (there’s something in the environment, probably).