PgConf.Dev @ Vancouver, May 28-31

This year, the global gathering of PostgreSQL developers has a new name, and a new location (but more-or-less the same dates) … is now!

Some important points right up front:

Vancouver, Canada

I first attended in 2011, when I was invited to keynote on the topic of PostGIS. Speaking in front of an audience of PostgreSQL luminaries was really intimidating, but also gratifying and empowering. Notwithstanding my imposter syndrome, all those super clever developers thought our little geospatial extension was… kind of clever.

I kept going to PgCon as regularly as I was able over the years, and was never disappointed. The annual gathering of the core developers of PostgreSQL necessarily includes content and insignts that you simply can not come across elsewhere, all compactly in one smallish conference, and the hallway track is amazing.

PostgreSQL may be a global development community, but the power of personal connection is not to be denied. Getting to meet and talk with core developers helped me understand where the project was going, and gave me the confidence to push ahead with my (very tiny) contributions.

This year, the event is in Vancouver! Still in Canada, but a little more directly connected to international air hubs than Ottawa was.

Also, this year I am honored to get a chance to serve on the program committee! We are looking for technical talks from across the PostgreSQL ecosystem, as well as about happenings in core. PostgreSQL is so much larger than just the core, and spreading the word about how you are building on PostgreSQL is important (and I am not just saying that as an extension author).

I hope to see you all there!