Flame Bait

Why end the evening on a high note, when I can end it rancourously and full of bile!

On the postgis-users mailing list, Stephen Woodbridge writes:

Can you describe what dynamic segmentation is? What is the algorithm? I guess I can google for it …

As with many things, the terminological environment has been muddied by the conflation of specific ESRI terms for particular features with generic terms for the similar things. Call it the “Chesterfield effect”.

ESRI rules the intellectual world of GIS people so thoroughly that they define the very limits of the possible. Just last week someone told me “oh, editing features over the web? the only way to do that is with ArcServer”.

The only way, and said with complete certainty. You don’t want to argue with people like that, it seems almost rude, like arguing with people about religion.