What I did on my Summer Holidays

I “just got back” (actually, last week) from a week at the Alders Beach Resort, a lovely place about 200km north up Vancouver Island. The Alders isn’t so much a “resort” in the conventional sense (well, in the conventional sense of 50 years ago), but rather a collection of mildly run-down cabins, full of families and kids, located on a tidal beach, tucked into the woods, comfortably far from pretty much anything stressful.

I had lots of time on my hands, and one can only watch children play with sand for so long, before the mood strikes, so what I did with my holiday was try to figure out how to build sand sculptures.

The Alders has been around for 50 years, and there were people at the resort last week who had been going to 15 years straight, whose kids grew up there. It is going to be a family holiday staple for us, for many years to come.