NYC Sprint: Day 4

End day was, as last year, a quiet one. Everyone worked on cleaning up their last bits of work before heading home around mid-afternoon. Unfortunately, most left before I had a chance to ask what they finished up!

(For my part, I finished some minimal regression tests on the WKT emitter, changed the emitter to use a stringbuffer for output, and upgraded the stringbuffer to be smarter about performance. Jeff Adams has been working on making our unit test program a little more flexible for developers (easier to add tests, and able to optionally run one test at a time)).

One more time, thanks to the sponsors, we got a great deal done and MapServer, Geoserver, PostGIS and the rest of the tribe are going to be stronger next year thanks to this event.

Special thanks also to Temim Fruchter of OpenPlans who was invaluable in helping me make arrangements in New York for hotels and food and all the things that made the event enjoyable and comfortable. Thanks to OpenPlans for hosting us in their lovely penthouse event room!